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The Ultimate Mobile Tire Service Guide

Tirescanner are proud to offer a quick, convenient mobile tire service for your install at home. You can choose to have a mechanic from one of our hundreds of partner garages come to your home or work and change your tires for you. This option is perfect for those with busy lives, work-from-home routines, or who simply don’t like going to the garage.

Put simply, our mobile install service is a delivery option enabling you to have tires installed at your home. The install service includes tire mounting and balancing, valve stem service, TPMS reset and disposal of your old tires. We work with trusted and highly professional installers to ensure a reliable and enjoyable experience for each of our customers. Read on to learn how to get your tires installed in your driveway, and why it’s worth a little extra cash.

Mobile Install: Pros and Cons

  • Convenient
  • Opportunity for a no-contact service
  • Install price is guaranteed by Tirescanner
  • No waiting time

  • Mobile install fee can be higher than shop install 

How to Get Your Tires Delivered

To access our amazing mobile install service, start by finding the best tires for your car using the search tool on our homepage. In your search results, below each tire’s price, you will see a list of shipping options. If you see a van icon next to the words ‘mobile install available’, then you’re in luck! We’ve got someone in your zip code who can come and install your tires. If you can’t see the icon, give our customer service team a call on 1-800-917-9772 — we might be able to arrange a mobile install service just for you.

Once you’ve done the hard work of selecting the right tires for your car, go to the product page and scroll down to the ‘mobile installer’ buying option. Change the quantity to the number of tires you need. In most cases, you must buy at least two tires at a time to use the mobile install service, but it’s better to change all four at a time. It is occasionally possible to arrange for only one tire to be changed in exchange for a call-out fee: check in with our customer service team for more information about this.

Click ‘Buy Now’, fill in your details and select a delivery slot that suits you. You’ll pay in two parts. The cost of the tires themselves is paid directly to Tirescanner when you order. The install fee, however, is paid to your mechanic when your tires are changed. While it isn’t paid to us, this price is guaranteed by Tirescanner: you will not be charged any more for the service than the price listed on our website.

Why Mobile Install is Worth the Investment

You might notice that our mobile install option costs a little extra compared to getting your tires installed at a garage. This is to cover the cost of the mechanics coming to your home, making the transaction worthwhile for the local garage providing the service.

However, beyond this, we believe that our mobile install is worth your extra cash for convenience and safety. First-off, getting new tires fitted is time-consuming. While you could be wasting precious time waiting for your tires to be changed, our mobile install service means that you can carry on working, chasing after your kids, or doing whatever you would rather be doing than sitting in a garage.

Perhaps more importantly in these times, choosing mobile install is safer than going to a garage. Mechanics across the country are showing extreme care and caution, maintaining excellent hygiene in order to ensure the safety of you and your family. While going to a garage can entail taking a risk and potentially exposing yourself to the COVID-19 virus, our mobile install service requires almost no contact, ensuring that you can continue driving safely without taking unnecessary risks.

Get Your Car Road-Ready

Tirescanner’s Mobile Install service is the safest, most convenient way of getting your car back on the road as quickly as possible. From great deals, to flexible delivery slots and fixed prices, Tirescanner is with you each step of the way. Try our mobile install service today!

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NOTE: Our mobile tire installation service does not necessarily include wheel alignment. In order to access this service you will need to take your vehicle to a garage. How often you need to have your wheels aligned depends on your individual needs. For more question just reach out to our customer support team: 1-800-917-9772

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