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Tirescanner is a platform that celebrates and showcases the very best brick and mortar tire retail stores the United States has to offer; listing more than 20,000 retail locations & over 2.8 million tires. founder Mike Welch was also the founder of one of Europe’s first online tire retailers Welch pioneered so-called ‘click and fit’ tire retailing in Europe, which represented a world first in the early 2000's.

Mike says, 'It is impossible for customers to check all of the local options that are available to them, Tirescanner addresses that customer problem head on. We deliver an easy to use whole of market platform for customers, presenting their many tire and store options in a few easy steps; whilst providing a low cost high performance solution for retailers to ensure they are visible to the fast growing online market. Our objective is to make tire buying and selling simple'.

If you are a tire retailer or tire manufacturer and would like to find out more about how could work for you, or if you have any feedback then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our Team, or feel free to email our CEO Mike

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