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Firestone Tires

Founded way back in 1900 in Akron, Ohio by Harvey Firestone, Firestone is the oldest and perhaps most reputed name in American tires industry. The company was initially started with the idea of providing solid rubber side-wire tires for firefighting vehicles and later expanded to offering pneumatic tires for buggies, wagons, and other wheeled transportation. Now, Firestone is a big name in the tire manufacturing industry worldwide, known for the mass production of all types of tires.

Firestone tire brand has become the industry’s well-known tire supplier for the exceptional quality of tires they deliver. The tires are built to provide a balance of capabilities for excellent performance in snowy, dry, and wet conditions. Keep your vehicle moving with these professionally designed specialized tires from Firestone.

Firestone offers a wide range of tires to meet the needs of people out there.

Types of Firestone Tires:

●       All-Season Tires
●       Champion Tires
●       Winterforce Tires
●       Transforce Tires
●       Discount Tires

Here at you can find variety of tires depending on your vehicle model, tire size, and tire type.

Looking for a Firestone tires shop near you? You can take help from Here you can find a Firestone tire shop near you within no time. All you need to do is enter “Firestone near me” in the search tab.

Select a nearby Firestone tires store with the help of Discover all Firestone tires to find ideal tires for your SUV, car, or truck.

Popular Firestone Tires

Firestone Destination LE2

Destination LE2

If you are looking for a tire that works as hard as you do for your light truck or SUV and you want great value for your money, look no further than the Firestone Destination LE2. It delivers year-round performance as well as a quiet, comfortable ride.READ MORE
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Firestone All Season

All Season

All Season is built for a balance of capabilities in wet, dry and snowy conditions, all year long.READ MORE
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All Firestone Tires

Firestone Winterforce 2 UV

Winterforce 2 UV

The 3-Peak-Mountain-Snowflake-carrying tire has a special cold weather compound with open shoulder slots and a tread design meant to give better grip in wintery conditions compared to an all-season tire.READ MORE
Firestone Winterforce CV

Winterforce CV

Studless Winter Commercial Light Truck/Van tire.READ MORE
Firestone Winterforce UV

Winterforce UV

The Firestone Winterforce UV is a winter tire built for pickup trucks, CUVs and SUVs. The tire is designed to give you solid traction in snow, ice and wet conditions. Along with the confidence to handle the elements, this tire also delivers a comfortable ride.READ MORE
Firestone All Season

All Season

All Season is built for a balance of capabilities in wet, dry and snowy conditions, all year long.READ MORE
Firestone F-570


A tire designed for small to medium sized family cars the Firestone F570 tire features performance characteristics such as long life, improved ride comfort, good wet and dry handling.READ MORE
Firestone F590


All season, touring passenger car tire.READ MORE
Firestone Firehawk AS

Firehawk AS

The Firestone Firehawk AS tire is Firestone's best high performance all-season tire which gives you impressive handling and control. This improved tire delivers more control on wet roads, improved traction in snowy conditions, and extended performance even as the tire wears, versus its predecessor, the Firestone Firehawk tire.READ MORE
Firestone Firehawk GT

Firehawk GT

This tire has a dual personality. On one hand, its all racing-inspired in looks and performance, with a wider footprint that takes corners like a pro and traction technology that gives you rock-solid control on wet surfaces. On the other hand, an advanced technology called Veri-Pitch that minimizes pattern and road noises often found in performance tires. It doesn't get any better than that.READ MORE
Firestone Firehawk GTA

Firehawk GTA

Original Equipment (OE) tire on select vehicles. See Sizes and Specifications for Original Equipment fitments.READ MORE
Firestone Firehawk GTA-02

Firehawk GTA-02

Original Equipment (OE) tire on select vehicles. See Sizes and Specifications for Original Equipment fitments.READ MORE
Firestone Firehawk Wide Oval AS

Firehawk Wide Oval AS

The Firestone Firehawk Wide Oval AS tire is designed to give you the performance you want season after season and offers up to a 50,000 mile treadwear limited warranty.* Developed with a specially formulated tread compound and full depth tread pattern features, this tire will give you confident handling and retains wet and all-season performance throughout its life.READ MORE
Firestone FT140


Designed for drivers who want competent handling and sophisticated looks, the Firestone FT140 tire performs well in all seasons. They feature a ribbed tread design for traction even on light snow and its ribs help resist lateral sway. This tire has four circumferential grooves with many sipes to evacuate water for better wet traction. Sipes also promote even wear for long tire service. The durable rubber compound used for this tire offers long life.READ MORE


Click below to check stock & install availability local to you.READ MORE
Firestone FT 455 Plus

FT 455 Plus

Click below to check stock & install availability local to you.READ MORE
Firestone Steeltex Radial AT

Steeltex Radial AT

Click below to check stock & install availability local to you.READ MORE
Firestone FR380


The Firestone FR380 is engineered to deliver excellent all-season performance. This S-Speed rated tire features a tread design that channels water away for wet performance. The tread's biting edges also provide excellent traction in wet and snow conditions. Best of all, the FR380 is popularly priced to make it a top value choice for many popular vehicles.READ MORE
Firestone Wilderness LE

Wilderness LE

The Wilderness LE is used as original equipment on vehicles including Chevy Tahoe and GMC Yukon. This all-weather tire enhances year-round performance with open-slotted shoulders.READ MORE
Firestone Affinity HP

Affinity HP

The Affinity HP a Standard Touring All-Season tire has the tire looks without the premium price. Solid center rib coupled with optimized shoulder element angle and shape delivers a quiet ride. Wide flow-through grooves contribute to good wet performance.READ MORE
Firestone Affinity HT

Affinity HT

Click below to check stock & install availability local to you.READ MORE
Firestone Affinity LH30

Affinity LH30

All Season Touring TireREAD MORE
Firestone Affinity LH30 with Uni-T

Affinity LH30 with Uni-T

Standard touring all-season tire.READ MORE
Firestone Champion Guide Grip F-2

Champion Guide Grip F-2

Wide 3-rib design for all types of farming conditions. Rugged Firestone construction.READ MORE
Firestone Champion HR

Champion HR

The H-Speed Rated Firestone Champion HR is designed to match the performance and handling level of many original equipment high performance applications.READ MORE
Firestone Destination LE

Destination LE

The Firestone Destination LE gives your pickup truck or SUV the ability to command the road with comfort. The Destination LE combines performance on wet and dry roads, and it is built to go the distance while allowing you to enjoy the drive.READ MORE
Firestone Destination MT with Uni-T

Destination MT with Uni-T

The Firestone Destination M/T is built for the pickup truck, jeep and SUV driver who wants ultimate off-road traction out of their tire. Featuring an aggressive tread pattern, these all-season tires handle well in wet and dry road conditions, but they feel more at home in the mud, dirt, rocks and other off-road terrains.READ MORE
Firestone Destination ST

Destination ST

The Firestone Destination ST is designed for a smooth and comfortable ride for CUV's, SUV's and light trucks. Featuring an asymmetric tread pattern, this tire provides impressive handling and all-season performance.READ MORE
Firestone Destination XT

Destination XT

All-Season Rugged All-Terrain Light Truck/SUV tire.READ MORE
Firestone DriveGuard RFT

DriveGuard RFT

Bridgestone's DriveGuard tires are masterfully engineered to keep you moving after a puncture - even after a complete pressure loss - for up to 50 miles at a maximum speed of 50 mph - so you can get to a safer place.READ MORE
Firestone Firehawk GT H

Firehawk GT H

Performance All-Season Passenger Car tire.READ MORE
Firestone Firehawk GT Pursuit

Firehawk GT Pursuit

The Firehawk Pursuit is specially designed for the law enforcement and high-speed emergency use. This W-Speed rated tire combines excellent wet and dry handling with an emphasis on quick steering response. Built for durability, the Firehawk Pursuit gives you good wear without sacrificing ride quality. And, as futher endorsement of high performance, it passed the demanding Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department high-speed wear tests.READ MORE
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