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Nexen Tires

South Korean tire manufacturer Nexen Tire was founded in 1942 and rose to become one of South Korea’s leading tire manufacturers. Today, the company holds a share of roughly 20% of the South Korean tire market. Since 2005, the company has also increasingly expanded into the US.

The name Nexen is a portmanteau of “next” and “century”, reflecting the company’s forward-thinking philosophy and dedication to continued research and innovation in mobility.

Nexen tires are known for their unmatched grip on the road, not least due to its nano-composite technology for which the company has received a patent in 2005.

Types of Nexen Tires

●       Ultra-High Performance Tires
●       Winter Tires
●       All-Season Tires
●       Touring Tires
●       All-Terrain Tires

Why not buy your next tire from Nexen? Here at we can help you choose from a variety of Nexen Tires and we can also help you find your nearest available shop.

Popular Nexen Tires

Nexen Roadian AT Pro RA8

Roadian AT Pro RA8

With the Nexen Roadian A/T Pro on your SUV, you can go pretty much anywhere you like. Take that bumpy dirt road the tread resists picking up gravel and protects against damage from rocky obstacles. Don't worry about rain, mild snow, or even a little ice microgrooves in the tread help keep traction consistent and reliable. And a wide shoulder block adds stiffness and stability for solid off-road performance.READ MORE
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Nexen N5000 Plus

N5000 Plus

Ultra High Performance Asymmetric All Season The N5000 Plus features an innovation simple in its concept, but brilliant in its function. Dimples on the tread act to distribute heat evenly across the tire to prevent abnormal wear, which in turn, extends strength and the life of the tire. Groove serration provides stability and the lateral groove design offers a peaceful and comfortable ride.READ MORE
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All Nexen Tires

Nexen Roadian 541

Roadian 541

The Nexen Roadian 541 provides a comfortable, quiet ride. Due to its special profile design, the tire performs well on and off-road.READ MORE
Nexen Roadian 542

Roadian 542

A performance tire that's been beefed up to meet the demands of an SUV, the Nexen Roadian 542 rises to any challenge. Reliable handling with excellent cornering and steering at higher speeds give you the control you need for driving enjoyment, even when your vehicle's loaded with gear. And with excellent wet traction and hydroplaning resistance for greater safety in wet weather, this tire is ready for adventure.READ MORE
Nexen Roadian AT

Roadian AT

The Nexen Tires Rodian AT is a high performance, high rigidity tire for the exclusive use of RV/SUV. This tire features perfect running performance on rough roads due to its rim protector and high running stability at high speed due to its straight groove.READ MORE
Nexen Roadian AT II

Roadian AT II

The Nexen Roadian AT II Tire is the great choice for all light trucks and SUVs. With neat and uniform tread design, this all-terrain tire boasts great traction off-road for the adventurous drivers. It also provides optimal handling for on-road driving.READ MORE
Nexen Roadian GTX

Roadian GTX

Touring Tire for Passenger Crossover's and SUV's.READ MORE
Nexen Roadian HP

Roadian HP

Nexen Roadian HP tires are made for high-performance SUV drivers in wet environments. Their straight-channel design, in addition to the arrow-type center rib, furnishes improved anti-hydroplaning capability. The large shoulder block of the Nexen Roadian HP tire maximizes cornering grip and stability. Pattern noise is reduced by five random pitch variations. These key components along with directional groove design enable Nexen Roadian HP tires to deliver the kind of performance that demanding drivers are looking for.READ MORE
Nexen Roadian HT

Roadian HT

Highway-Terrain SUV The Roadian HT does double duty on the highway and rougher terrain. Rigid shoulder blocks assure precise handling, maximum load durability and progressive cornering. Off-road performance and snow traction are improved by well-balanced and multiple kerfs. 5 Random pitch variation reduces noise, while the HT's twin-block design improves durability and road contact. Water is effectively drained reducing the risk of hydroplaning by 4 wide straight grooves.READ MORE
Nexen N'Fera AU5

N'Fera AU5

Ultra High Performance Asymmetric All-Season Passenger Car tire. Original Equipment on select Hyundai and Kia Vehicles.READ MORE
Nexen N'Fera AU7

N'Fera AU7

The N?Fera AU7 is manufactured with an improved tread design that increases wet braking performance and handling with maximum grip to make sure your tire sticks to the pavement.READ MORE
Nexen SB702


The Nexen SB702 is a High Performance all season driving tire designed for enhanced driving in wet and dry driving conditions and prolonged mileage. Featuring a Dual Pitch Tread design the SB702 Nexen assures your driving experience will be a quiet one. The Directional Tread allow for Hydroplaning Resistance when driving in wet conditions.READ MORE
Nexen SV820


Light Truck RadialREAD MORE
Nexen Win-Spike


Ultra High Performance Studdable Winter Tires.READ MORE
Nexen Win-Spike SUV

Win-Spike SUV

Winguard Winspike SUV tires are molded for installing studs that dig into snow or ice for better traction. The optimized arrangement of sipes and block rigidity maximize handling and traction on ice in combination with the v-shaped tread pattern. Noise is addressed by the calculated placement of 12 multi random stud lines.READ MORE
Nexen N-Priz 4S

N-Priz 4S

High Performance Directional All SummerREAD MORE
Nexen Winguard


Excellent Winter Tire that offers a long tread life and precise handing in winter conditions.READ MORE
Nexen Winguard Ice SUV

Winguard Ice SUV

Studless Nordic WinterREAD MORE
Nexen N5000


Enjoy a smooth drive with the Nexen N5000 Plus Tire, It offers a high-performance output that will keep you secure as you go driving, whether to work, home or on trips. It also boasts a sleek style that will enhance any car's look.READ MORE
Nexen Winguard Snow G

Winguard Snow G

Driving through a snowy passage will never be more comfortable than with NEXEN's Winguard Snow G.READ MORE


Click below to check stock & install availability local to you.READ MORE
Nexen Winguard SUV

Winguard SUV

Studless Directional Winter SUV Winter traction and control are the name of the game, as well as the function of the Winguard SUV tire. Superior grip and driver confidence are made possible by the v-shaped directional tread design. A multiple kerf design and 5 random pitch variation keep noise to a minimum.READ MORE
Nexen WinGuard WINSPIKE WH62


Studdable Winter Passenger Car tire.READ MORE
Nexen N6000


'N6000' is ambitiously designed for the young generation who enjoys dynamic driving. It has directional pattern design technology for high speed driving with its European Style product design. Drainage function is also excellent to guarantee safe driving on a wet road. The 5 random pitches for high speed driving will improve the driving performance on a straight course and respond quickly to sudden steering. This product draws high expectations to enhance both safety and fun for the drivers.READ MORE
Nexen N Blue HD

N Blue HD

Nexen N'Blue HD is a high performance fuel saver.READ MORE
Nexen N'PRIZ AH8


Click below to check stock & install availability local to you.READ MORE
Nexen N2000


The Nexen N2000 is a High Performance Summer tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger CarsREAD MORE
Nexen Winguard Winspike

Winguard Winspike

Studdable Winter Passenger Light Truck/SUV tire.READ MORE
Nexen WinGuard WINSPIKE WS62


Studdable Winter Passenger SUV tire.READ MORE


Click below to check stock & install availability local to you.READ MORE


Click below to check stock & install availability local to you.READ MORE
Nexen N'FERA RU1


Click below to check stock & install availability local to you.READ MORE
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